Nick Mahar X Jenn Scott

This lovely lady was the first shoot I have done since moving to LA. We were supposed to shoot months ago but schedules didn't work out but im glad they didn't because we got to take advantage of this studio space. We got up at 5:30am to catch sunset but it was hidden behind the smog. It sucked because I never wake up that early anymore but we made up for it in the studio. I'm happy with the results and special thanks to my friend Jon for coming out to help! 

Nick Mahar X Stephanie

I've been so busy lately between moving to LA, editing, planning, and playing Destiny, i mean A LOT of Destiny, that I didn't realize I haven't been posting much from a lot of my shoots i did right before and after tour. So I wanted to try and post everyday for the next week or so. 

First up is a shoot I did with my friend Stephanie. This was our second collab and I think we got some dope shots. For the underwater shots I used a fish tank. It's a bit risky but way cheaper than getting an underwater rig. The fish tank is also limited and hard to focus and aim but just takes more time! 

Recent Shoots

I've been swamped lately with moving to LA, prepping for Logic's album, which i fully designed the booklet for, and coming to the bay every week for shoots. Thankfully in between I've had some time to do some personal shoots and here are some of the quick results. 

35mm exploring

New photos from my adventures around California and on set. 

Peter Pan

I've always been a huge Disney fanatic and both Aladdin and Peter Pan have been some of my favorites. It may be that it stars male leads but they also get to fly. I've been on airplanes many times including smaller, private planes, but I've never gotten the chance to be in a helicopter. Well, I was supposed to during an Every 15 minutes assembly where i had all clothes except my boxers cut off me but the weather was bad so it never came. I also did actually ride one during a training exercise for controlled wildfire burns but that was just over hills that look the same. Anyways, today I finally got to fly over a city with my good friends Nick and Ryan. This was my last fun shoot in the Bay Area before I move to LA. 

Besides being a dream come true, it was even cooler because of the fog. Not only because we got to fly through it with the doors open, but the light from the sunset bouncing off the clouds were incredible. I just got back an hour ago and I only quickly went through the photos, but here are some of the ones i've edited so far! 

Today I Went Somewhere New...

Today I went exploring at Point Reyes with my friends Nick and Ryan. It's not a hidden place but I had never been here and never seen much about it growing up. For some reason to me it was hidden and its sad because its a gorgeous place. I must say it was a very foggy day and my photos make it look 10x nicer than it actually was today but i know once the sun came out it looked even better. It was a lot of hiking but well worth the adventure. Below is a quick edit i did on one of the shots. Lots to go through! 


Well after touring for 3 straight months and jumping right on to shoot for Sonic for 2 weeks non-stop, I'm finally home! I've been working on moving my website over to Squarespace 6 from V5. It has some amazingly simple features but also lacks some of the best ones from the previous versions. Luckily I had my friend Paul help me out and configure everything and after spending all day today updating pages and photos, I'm happy to say the site is done!

I have a ton of new work in the photos section from touring, I added the Macklemore tour doc videos, updated the about me page, and fixed all my credits. Sadly the video page doesn't have anything crazy new because the types of videos i've been shooting, tour videos, aren't necessarily the types of videos i want displayed on the site. The Macklemore was a little different because of how BIG of a production it was. 

Now that I'm back i'm packing to move to LA, prep for a big shoot in Napa, editing the Macklemore Concert from Dublin Ireland, and prepping for Logics Album release which comes out later this year! So thankfully I will have a lot awesome video content to post. The project I'm most excited about posting is the Logic music videos! The album is incredible and the video concepts are epic. Doing a lot for what we have for the budget.

I will be posting a lot more soon but for now, here are some 35mm and polaroids from tour! 

A Year Ago I Was...

This is a very rare time that I'm actually going to use my blog page and post something more than new photos, videos, or a little story about the project I'm currently working on.

A year ago i was sitting at my house, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. I had dropped out of school and I was still trying to make sure it was a good idea. The first month after I dropped out I was booked on a few gigs for a little over a month. Fast forward a few more months and it was July. I was now about to embark on a whole new adventure, shooting with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I had gotten the job partly out of luck but partly out of hard work and ambition. 

It started with the White Walls music video, to touring in Canada to help finish the video, to touring around the world and shooting for the tour documentary. It was a blessing to say the least but a lot of hard work. During all that I also shot a pretty awesome short film that is still being finished called All Men Are Thieves. I worked on or shot all the Sage the Gemini shoots and I worked on some awesome projects with Google, Facebook, and many other tech giants. 

My life changed drastically in a year and if it weren't for me dropping out of school, I don't know if any of this would have happen so soon. I don't write this to show my resume or say i'm the shit. I'm writing this because as I sit in my hotel room needing to go to sleep to get at least 5 hours of sleep, I can't help but just sit and smile. I've been blessed all my life but within the last year it has snowballed even more and has gone far beyond my expectations. I finished up tour with Logic and had 3 days "off" and have been shooting for Sonic every day. 2 weeks of shooting and catching a plane is exhausting and as much as I want to and do complain about the long hours, I'm lucky to be in this position. 

The point of this post is to show people that with hard work, you really can do anything. A year ago I was in my house confused with what I was doing with my life and now I can proudly say I have traveled the world, expanded my horizons, and this year is going to be even better. 

35mm Tour Photos

As most of you should know by now, I've been on tour for the last 3 months with Logic. It was a great and new experience from doing huge arenas with Macklemore to small more personal shows with Logic. Some shows were 800 and some were a few thousand. We had one show in Montreal that was only about 60 people because its a small market who mostly speak french however, we made it one of the best shows on tour. Logic went and hung out with the fans and Damion our security guard bought pizza for the whole crowd! I took a lot of DSLR photos and video but also shot 35mm and polaroid. These are some of my favorite 35mm but i still have 1 more roll that needs to be developed. I'm scanning my polaroids later today so will have a post about those very soon. 

Now that tour is over it's time to finish the album and get on these music videos. I'm excited for Logic to show the world how crazy good he is and i', ready to help with the visuals behind that. 

Logic X Nick Mahar X Alexis Ralaivao

While on tour I wanted to do another collab with my man Alexis Ralaivao and his sick drawing skills. This time i wanted to try a combination of using his normal style, and then also do something different that fit Logic. He loves the movie Back to the Future and immediately was like, "Yo, put a hover board under my feet!". The first animation is definitely abstract and it's not for everyone but we were going with the looks of past artists like Kanye West. The hover board came out great and Logic loved it. 

Logic: While You Wait Tour

Tour has been a lot of fun so far but the West Coast was by far the best section. LA and SF were my favorite by far! Seattle was also a great time catching up with the Macklemore camp and Macklemore video crew. It was nice to see everyone since our tour that ended last december. Here are some of my favorite shots so far on tour!


Summer at the Manor


A few weeks ago before I left for tour I was asked to do a collaboration shoot with Jesse Alford for Like Magazine. The theme was modern hippie and we shot at a sick mansion/house in Sacramento. A lot of the images I shot got used and it was a mixture of 35mm and Canon DSLR. It was one of my first shirts in a lot time that I used all natural light which is both scary but refreshing for me. I really like lighting but it helps to take a step back and find the light. 


Logic Tour X HBK X 35mm Film


The last few weeks have been nothing short of hectic! Tour prep, commercials, music videos, and more! Next week I leave to photograph and document Logic on the Verge Campus tour on the East Coast. 27 colleges in 30 days is going to be extremely fun and glad to have a lot of creative freedom with the work. I'm most excited about being able to shoot photos and video for the tour. This is going to allow me to constantly try new things and keep it fresh switching between the two mediums. I am also excited to announce I'm sponsored by FreeFly who creates the Movi M10 Stabilizer and Paralinx for all my wireless viewing needs! I used both of their products for the Macklemore Tour Doc and it's great that i'm able to use them for this. 

I'm also prepping for the new HBK(IAMSU, Sage the Gemini, PLO, Kool John, Jay Ant, Skipper, and the crew) video with Director David Camerena! I can't talk about it too much but it's going to be one of the illest music videos the bay has put out and will be a radically different look for HBK. David has come up with some clean concepts and it will definitely show in this video. I'm glad that he has brought me on this project to help realize his vision. I have also been shooting a lot of 35mm film and finally got my B&W back. I used a special SFX film which you can do infrared on. I didn't know that when shooting but my next set is going to be with testing that out. I plan on shooting a lot of film on the video this week as well as the tour. I attached some of my favorites from my last roll with many more on the way. 

Lots of updates hopefully coming soon!


Josh Cooley's Movies R Fun


I had the pleasure of shooting this awesomely cheesy commercial for Pixar Animator Josh Cooley. Josh has been working at Pixar for over a decade and the look of his R rated child's book definitely has the look of classic Pixar films. The book and commercial has been picked up by huge web sites like Buzzfeed and the Chive. David Fincher has even seen it because of the Fight Club scene. Best luck to Josh and the book and I will definitely picking up a copy. 

Screenshots from recent shoot


This last month has brought some fantastic projects from music videos to commercials. I'm very blessed to shoot the projects I have. Surprisingly a lot of the music videos I've shot lately have also been all natural light. Partly because of no budget for an HMI, but also because we wouldn't have any time. Thankfully I grew a lot shooting natural light on tour and I've learned to shape light with bounce boards more. All of the stills are ungraded and straight from the games!



Alice Part 1: Rabbit Hole


In my last post about Alice, I talked about the shoot and gave a little bit of the preview. Today i'm proud to release the first shot from that shoot and show a concept to final image timeline. It was a complicated undertaking but I think Jake and I were able to pull out a good final image. The next one is going to be even harder and I'm not sure if we will be able to edit it without more help but that's half the adventure! Once again a very special thank you to Stephanie & Amazing Fairytale Parties. Their costumes are legit and we wouldn't have been able to do this shoot without their support!

Feedback is always welcome!


Photographer: Nick Mahar
Model: Frida Thomsen
Storyboard: Marcus Ocana
Makeup & Hair: Maribel Enriquez
Stylist: Estasha Goodwin
Compositor: Jacob Kreitzer & Nick Mahar 
Grip Help: Hank Miller Ryan Mosely Leyla Ismen

Very Special thank you to Amazing Fairytale Parties & Stephanie Sarit Werba