Logic: The Incredible True Story...

I have been sitting on this video for a while now and happy to finally release it. Within a day it has gotten almost 200k views! A year ago Logic released his debut album Under Pressure with Def Jam and Visionary Music Group and now he's ready to drop his second. I can't wait to show everyone all the stuff we've been working on and there is a lot more amazing things to come from it!

Also this stars Steve Blum who has the world record for most voice over characters. From Digimon and Lilo & Stitch, to Cowboy Bebop, this man is legendary! 


Producer: Scott Wickman

Director: Logic & Nick mahar

DP/EDITOR/Colorist: Nick Mahar

Gaffer: Steve Griggs

Key Grip: Jeff Chassler

AC: Noah Ramos

2nd AC/Grip: Joe Seiler

Audio: Matt Thompson

BTS: Benjamin Mff


Well this last month has been a crazy adventure. I've been to vegas 3 weekends in a row to shoot EDC, and then Trey Songz for 2 weekends. Then Virginia, Hamptons, NY with Trey for more adventures. I then stayed up for 36 hours and flew back to LA where i went straight to set to shoot some awesome promo stuff I can't talk about. Then it got even more crazy when I went to SF for a 1 day shoot, Nebraska, and Chicago for Lollapaluza. Just when I thought it was all over, I went to Oklahoma for a week long shoot for the Food Network and Walmart. 

Now it's lots of catching up on editing, packing to move, and tech scouts for some amazing shoots. I really can't wait to put out everything i've been working on but below is just a few of what i've been up to! 

Daisy Cottage Cheese: Spot 1

Everyone has their own opinion but...

Posted by Daisy Cottage Cheese on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One of the spots I shot for Daisy Cottage Cheese is finally out! I wrote a post about the making of this project that I think will be great for a lot of young filmmakers. 

California Almonds X Shark Week

Latest commercial for California Almonds. This was a really fun shoot and very strange concept but happy with how it looks! See it on Discovery Channel during Shark Week!

Kauai Day 4

Kauai Day 2

Today was a whole new adventure for me. I love hiked but I've never hiked for 8 hours straight. It was a 4 mile hike to the waterfall which I didn't think would be that bad but forgetting its 8 miles round trip it turned to be much harder for me. On top of that i had a 15 pound backpack with camera gear, not enough water, and my boot split in half 3 miles in. It was definitely a test of willpower but we thankfully made it back okay with some amazing photos. 

Kauai Day 1

I rarely take vacations but even when I do I find myself exploring and shooting even more. I was lucky to take a trip to Kauai with my dad for a week. We explored and took photos every single day and it was a blast. Sadly the weather wasn't the greatest but it got better throughout the week and we got some incredible photos. 

Ashley Vee X Nick Mahar X Connetic Collab Shirt

Excited to announce a limited edition T-shirt collaboration with Connetic and Miss Ashley Vee. Been working with Ashley and Connetic separately for a long time and it's great to finally partner together. 

Check them out here! 

Napa Valley

Less than a year ago I shot some beautiful commercial and print ads for the Napa Valley Tourism board. The print work has been out in some magazines over the last few months but the commercials are finally being released. It was a lot of fun shooting in these beautiful locations and the team killed it! 

Flask Mob 1 Year Anniversary

The last two years have been very hectic from 5 tours with 2 different artists, moving to LA, and all the other shoots i've had, I didn't have time to edit all the photos I wanted. This last week all my shoots got canceled so I thought i would take the opportunity to finally go back and edit photos I never had a chance to. The benefit is also i'm better at editing now so I can make the photos better than they would have been then. 

The first set of photos I wanted to release were from my first ever Flask Mob SF. It was a photography group started by my friend Evan and this was the 1 year anniversary. It was organized kaos to say the least. We mobbed through the middle of the stockton tunnel. Word of advice to people caught in a mob, NEVER honk your horn at them or people will jump all over your car. Luckily no one got hurt and besides some graffiti it was a peaceful event. Here are the photos I captured mobbin with Joe, Ryan, and Leyla. 

Dream Team

I met this group a few years ago through social media and we have been working ever since! Last year we collaborated on the Alice in Wonderland shoot and this year we decided to try something more cinematic. 


Photographer: Nick Mahar

Model: Kim Flink

Stylist: Estasha Goodwin

Makeup & Hair: Ashley Langston & Maribel Enriquez 

Clothes: Getta Grip Clips

Jewelry: Tiana Saul

Assistant: Ryan Reichert

35mm Updates

I have a RED, DSLR, Film cameras, but I love disposable cameras. It has a flash, i don't have to worry if i drop it, if it gets damaged, or if it even lose it really. This last camera i've been carrying with me for about a month and I finally got it back this weekend. Here are the results. 

Caitlin O'Connor

Earlier this year before i moved to LA i set up a bunch of shoots. Some were unfortunately not able to make it so I couldn't make it work however i've been scheduling those slowly but surely while I've lived down here now. One was Caitlin O'Connor and we killed 2 birds with one stone. Finally shot at the beach in Laguna and we finally got to shoot together. 

The day went very well until I dropped my FULL card in the ocean before sunset. I had some cards go through washing machines before so I wasn't too worried but fear slowly crept over me as the sunset. I decided to rush reshoot all the setups we had done the last few hours. I knew we'd only get a few but I didn't wan to end up with nothing from the shoot. I got home and the card worked fine, started to download and it froze on the 20th photo. Tried again and same thing. I eventually copied the files instead of use lightroom but it still wouldn't transfer everything. 

I got most of the photos but I didn't get some of the ones I was most excited about. I ended up washing the card again in my sink. Because it was in salt water i had to make sure the port pins didn't have particles on them. Finally everything worked fine and the card seems to be stable. 

There were a lot of photos I loved but here are a few. 

Flask Mob LA


I went to Flask Mob SF for the 1 Year Anniversary so now that I live in LA, i definitely couldn't miss the LA edition. It was a massive group but peaceful the entire time but sadly the cops shut us down. We mobbed over the bridge and cops told us to turn around. They eventually got us into one area and slowly forced us all out. The damn helicopter was above for 2 hours which was a ridiculous waste of money but got us some cool shots. The areas we walked were a lot darker than SF so I didn't get as many great shots but still got a few below. 

Eliza X Nick Mahar

Recent photos from my shoot with Eliza. We got to shoot in an awesome old Chevelle! Really happy with how everything turned out. Used 2 Einsteins and the sun. 

Happy Birthday Logic & Jimmy Kimmel

Recent 35mm photos for Logic's surprise birthday party and his Jimmy Kimmel performance! 

Never Not Working

Even though the holidays mean no work for most filmmakers, I try to still shoot with family or friends. This last year I've gotten back into shooting film again so I bring a film camera everywhere I don't bring my 5D. Here are some of the photos I took during a birthday party for my friend Troy. The party took place inside a blanket fort which was also connected to a twigloo.