Kauai Day 1

I rarely take vacations but even when I do I find myself exploring and shooting even more. I was lucky to take a trip to Kauai with my dad for a week. We explored and took photos every single day and it was a blast. Sadly the weather wasn't the greatest but it got better throughout the week and we got some incredible photos. 

Ashley Vee X Nick Mahar X Connetic Collab Shirt

Excited to announce a limited edition T-shirt collaboration with Connetic and Miss Ashley Vee. Been working with Ashley and Connetic separately for a long time and it's great to finally partner together. 

Check them out here! 

Napa Valley

Less than a year ago I shot some beautiful commercial and print ads for the Napa Valley Tourism board. The print work has been out in some magazines over the last few months but the commercials are finally being released. It was a lot of fun shooting in these beautiful locations and the team killed it! 

Flask Mob 1 Year Anniversary

The last two years have been very hectic from 5 tours with 2 different artists, moving to LA, and all the other shoots i've had, I didn't have time to edit all the photos I wanted. This last week all my shoots got canceled so I thought i would take the opportunity to finally go back and edit photos I never had a chance to. The benefit is also i'm better at editing now so I can make the photos better than they would have been then. 

The first set of photos I wanted to release were from my first ever Flask Mob SF. It was a photography group started by my friend Evan and this was the 1 year anniversary. It was organized kaos to say the least. We mobbed through the middle of the stockton tunnel. Word of advice to people caught in a mob, NEVER honk your horn at them or people will jump all over your car. Luckily no one got hurt and besides some graffiti it was a peaceful event. Here are the photos I captured mobbin with Joe, Ryan, and Leyla. 

Dream Team

I met this group a few years ago through social media and we have been working ever since! Last year we collaborated on the Alice in Wonderland shoot and this year we decided to try something more cinematic. 


Photographer: Nick Mahar

Model: Kim Flink

Stylist: Estasha Goodwin

Makeup & Hair: Ashley Langston & Maribel Enriquez 

Clothes: Getta Grip Clips

Jewelry: Tiana Saul

Assistant: Ryan Reichert

35mm Updates

I have a RED, DSLR, Film cameras, but I love disposable cameras. It has a flash, i don't have to worry if i drop it, if it gets damaged, or if it even lose it really. This last camera i've been carrying with me for about a month and I finally got it back this weekend. Here are the results. 

Caitlin O'Connor

Earlier this year before i moved to LA i set up a bunch of shoots. Some were unfortunately not able to make it so I couldn't make it work however i've been scheduling those slowly but surely while I've lived down here now. One was Caitlin O'Connor and we killed 2 birds with one stone. Finally shot at the beach in Laguna and we finally got to shoot together. 

The day went very well until I dropped my FULL card in the ocean before sunset. I had some cards go through washing machines before so I wasn't too worried but fear slowly crept over me as the sunset. I decided to rush reshoot all the setups we had done the last few hours. I knew we'd only get a few but I didn't wan to end up with nothing from the shoot. I got home and the card worked fine, started to download and it froze on the 20th photo. Tried again and same thing. I eventually copied the files instead of use lightroom but it still wouldn't transfer everything. 

I got most of the photos but I didn't get some of the ones I was most excited about. I ended up washing the card again in my sink. Because it was in salt water i had to make sure the port pins didn't have particles on them. Finally everything worked fine and the card seems to be stable. 

There were a lot of photos I loved but here are a few. 

Flask Mob LA


I went to Flask Mob SF for the 1 Year Anniversary so now that I live in LA, i definitely couldn't miss the LA edition. It was a massive group but peaceful the entire time but sadly the cops shut us down. We mobbed over the bridge and cops told us to turn around. They eventually got us into one area and slowly forced us all out. The damn helicopter was above for 2 hours which was a ridiculous waste of money but got us some cool shots. The areas we walked were a lot darker than SF so I didn't get as many great shots but still got a few below. 

Eliza X Nick Mahar

Recent photos from my shoot with Eliza. We got to shoot in an awesome old Chevelle! Really happy with how everything turned out. Used 2 Einsteins and the sun. 

Happy Birthday Logic & Jimmy Kimmel

Recent 35mm photos for Logic's surprise birthday party and his Jimmy Kimmel performance! 

Never Not Working

Even though the holidays mean no work for most filmmakers, I try to still shoot with family or friends. This last year I've gotten back into shooting film again so I bring a film camera everywhere I don't bring my 5D. Here are some of the photos I took during a birthday party for my friend Troy. The party took place inside a blanket fort which was also connected to a twigloo.  

2014, a year to truly remember!

Every year, like most people, I try to look back and reflect on all the amazing things I was able to see and do. 2013 was very hard to top, from going to Europe, to touring with the biggest artist of the year. Luckily 2014 brought new opportunities that put it on par with 2013. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and the list below is just a few of the accomplishments i'm most proud of.

  • 10 Commercial TV spots
  • Dozens of music videos
  • 2 US Tours
  • 3 Magazine Publications with over 20 Photos published
  • Created the album artwork for a DefJam Artist
  • I moved to LA
  • Worked with LOGIC, G-Eazy, Quest, IAMSU, Sage the Gemini, NE-YO, and more
  • Featured on VSCO, LRG, DEFJAM, 106 & Park
  • Shot for companies like Google, LRG, SONIC, Genentech, Mylacor Alcohol, VMG, and more
  • The feature film "Bar America" I worked on won audience selection at the Catalina FIlm Festival 

Theres a bunch more but thats just a brief list. It has been a great year and 2015 is already set to start off with a huge bang!

My favorite shot of 2014.

Napa Valley print Campaign

Earlier this year I had the great opportunity and pleasure to shoot new ad campaigns for the Napa Valley Tourism Board. We shot some of the most exclusive wineries and hotels in all of Napa. Not only was I responsible for the Cinematography of the 5 commercial spots in 4 days, I also had to shoot all of the print ad work. We lucked out because the major earthquake that damaged a lot struck the week after we wrapped. I turned in all my images and select the week we got back and had no clue when they would all come out, let alone where. I went to the color sessions for the commercials and I was proud to say that we lit and shot everything so well, no one had many changes to the final grading. Almost everything had minor to no adjustments which i'm extremely proud of and wouldn't have been able to do without my team. 


Sadly the commercials aren't out yet but my mom was flipping through her American Express Magazine and there happens to be the picture of a bike in front of a castle. It was one of my favorite shots and the only one I had shown anyone. It ran in that magazine and a few others for about 2 months and now the image of the dinner table is currently circulating. It's a great feeling to see my work printed out, especially in the digital age when everything in on a screen! Thankfully everything was so well received, we are shooting more commercials and print work! 2014 has been a tremendous year and I can't wait for what's in store for 2015!

G-Eazy Tour Video

I love my home, The Bay. It will forever be the greatest place to live and grow up to me. The culture is strong and we have it all. Music is one of my biggest passions about the bay because we have such a unique sound. This year the homie G-Eazy blew up and helped put the bay back on the map. I went out and helped shoot the Oakland show which was a legendary night. He brought out Bay Legends THE PACK! It was a dope show and the results are below! 

Exploring SF

Last week I happen to be back in the bay area for another week because of a few job offers. The weather had been very unpredictable but I wanted to hang out with my talented photographer friend, Hailey. It was a fun day and I finally got to explore parts I haven't  been to before. I also messed around with compositing a different background into one of the photos below!

Logic - Under Pressure

Logic's debut album, Under Pressure, is officially on sale! We all went at midnight in NY to a Best Buy that was open and bought out the whole store. Weirdly they have 0 copies of the standard  which was super annoying but, thankfully we got the deluxe. 

Logic was kind enough to ask Jonathan Benavente and myself to do the album booklet. I ended up sitting down and doing it in around 6-8 hours which blew my mind. I was nervous to send it to him but after John and I made some changes and shot the final page, it all came together nicely. The booklet consist of polaroid, 35mm film, current DSLR, and old photo scans Logic had of him that I did on my HP Printer.

Album Release Night in NY

6 with all his copies of the album

Bobby, Myself, Logic, album release night

The booklet itself is a story. Obviously the front and back cover by Sam Spratt is amazing, but the inside tells it's own story. The booklet is divided into 2 sections, before and after the page with Logic and 6 in front of a brick wall. The first half is Logic growing. The first page we see him with his mom, in his room, and one other. The second page is another two from his room and lastly a picture that looks like his first day of school. I would have loved to include more photos of his childhood like I did his later years but sadly this is all he had left. The second half, which was after the photo of Logic and 6, was about the current state, all of the Verge campus tour and While You Wait tour, mixing and mastering of the album, and just the months leading up to the release. 

I really wanted to include things in the booklet that really fit him. Originally we were going to have a cigarette on one of the pages but I didn't have any. Luckily it was on the CD itself so it got the same point across I wanted. All the photos from tour and hanging our are photos John and myself took. My favorite page is the last photo with all of the polaroids spread out on the table. We also decided to include the N64, Xbox, Playstation, and Super NES controller to represent Logic's love for video games. 

Every word and date on the polaroids are from tour. After verge we decided to make an entire wall of our bus dedicated to tour polaroids. There were a lot of amazing ones we took with fans that became my favorite but because of legal reasons, we were never able to use them in this booklet. It was a great experience and I'm thankful for the opportunity to create this, I never once thought I would make an album booklet. Also last fun fact, last page above the Super Nintendo controller and Rhetorik, is a photo of myself. On that photo is my area code where I was born and raised, "925". 

Foster Farms Bowl 2014 TV Commercial

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to shoot some amazing tours, music videos, and now commercials. I shot 6 commercials for the Napa Valley Tourism board a week before they were hit with a huge earthquake. That was through Misfit Productions in SF, a company my friend Doug started and through an Ad agency, DOJO. DOJO has been responsible for some of my favorite commercials from Halo 2 miniatures to the original Xbox 360 commercials I loved soo much I downloaded to my Xbox just to re-watch. 

My 1st AC John Park

Gaffer Steve Griggs with his HMI

Sadly those commercials still aren't our yet but some of the print work I did has been in a few magazines the last couple of months. I will be posting all the finals of those soon. Now I had the pleasure of shooting some very quick promo commercials for the Foster Farms Bowling in SF. This was a one day shoot with a very fast turn around. We shot is last week and it's already cut together. The fun thing about this project for me was working with my longtime friend Mike Wood who I've been wanting to work with for some time. We also got to shoot green screen which I haven't really done since I was in high school when I first taught myself how to. 

I'm very happy with the results and it was a great shoot day! 

Nick Mahar X Matt Day

Shot some fitness style photos for my friend Matt last week at the LA river. Always wanted to shoot down there and now that I live here, why not? I know it's the typical LA place to shoot, but its such a nice location and after growing up with the movie Grease, it was like a childhood dream. The light out was gorgeous like most LA sunsets and i'm happy with what we got!