Birth Of A Monster: A Star Wars Story

Written by our 1st AD Patrick Lundberg

Today a labor of love goes live!

This project started out from a simple desire; a very talented Hollywood monster-fabricator wanted to make a fun little short film with his son where they could dress up in awesome costumes and share their love of Star Wars. From that humble beginning it's grown several times over into something way more ambitious, but I think it stayed true to its heart through it all.

Passion project doesn't begin to do this justice. The crew we had bravedsome truly harrowing challenges just to get the footage on camera which we'll detail at a later time. Our main talent were either A.) a 5 year old boy or B.) wearing a full body suit that they couldn't sit down in or C.) wearing head to toe fabricated costumes that weighed more than said 5 year old boy.

This project embraced original trilogy practical effects at every opportunity, including miniatures and full-body costumes created by our director Timothy Reed Martin and his talented cohorts. The team spent more than a year in post working in-between paying work late at night and on weekends, polishing over and over again in the service of bringing the most authentically Star Wars look, sound and feel possible to the screen. The score (by the insanely good Aaron James Eckardt) is entirely original except for the classic opening and closing credits music, which honestly still blows my mind. When you hear it you will understand what an achievement that is.


Fan films are never perfect and we know this is no exception, but what we achieved here with next to no resources other than our time and effort is truly awesome and something we are all proud of. We think you'll like it too.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of creating, massaging, improving, and ultimately elevating this project to where it ended up. I'd jump into the trenches with you all again anytime; and maybe we already are ;)

If you don’t mind please share it with your friends and family so we can hopefully get it in front of the right people (and get a budget to make another one!)

Director and story: Timothy Reed Martin
Produced: Alec Bryan Eskander
Screenplay by: Ian Eskander
Cinematographer/Post-Producer: Nick Mahar
Assistant Director/Post-Producer: Patrick Lundberg
Production Manager(s): Scott Wickman & Gillian Entin
Editor: Josh Dennis
Sound: Jet Valerio
Original Music: Aaron James Eckardt
Color: Matt Osborne and The Mill

Starring : Daniel BohmanLinda MichaelsSteve Blum, Zander, Mary

Nick Mahar is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles & San Francisco.