Back to Basics

Sometimes its great to take away all the tools, all the money, and all the complicated setups and go back to basics. I was back home in the bay area this past week for a Twitter commercial that wasn't until Monday which meant camera prep was on a Friday. We were using Kowa Anamorphic's which are some of my favorite glass that Chater in Berkeley has. I love testing lenses when we have a free day with them so we decided to test them out by shooting my friend Noah Mac who was on last year's season of The Voice. The biggest light setup was 3 lights but most was natural light with bounce boards or 2 lights. We also shot most in my dad's garage, backyard, and the hills behind my childhood house. I think the screen cap results speak for themselves. More will be out when the video drops soon!

Nick Mahar is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles & San Francisco.