Two National Spots!

2018 has been an extremely busy year and the next is about to get even busier with commercials in LA, SF, New Orleans, and Arizona along with another short film in LA. The other exciting news is two of my commercials have been played nationally with both being all over primetime TV. 

My Blue Diamond Almonds spot I shot for my good friend Doug Cox was extremely well received. It was the simple out of the two spots we shot for Blue Diamond but it connects with the audience because of its simplicity. It has aired nationally over 2,300 times in front of shows like the bachelor finale and more. 

The second commercial wasn't creatively challenging but a little freeing. It's a commercial for a lawyer who goes by 1-800-NO-CUFFS. If you live in at least California then you have definitely heard his radio and TV ads. The idea with this commercial was a very cheesy looking commercial for a car air freshener that you can eat to pass a breathalyzer. The campaign was hilarious and well received. This spot premiered during SNL which was a pleasure to see as SNL is one of my favorite shows. 

Much more on the way soon!

Nick Mahar is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles & San Francisco.