6ix in XXL Magazine

6ix in XXL.

6ix in XXL.


This post is less about me and more about my good friend 6ix getting featured and a photo i took on my iPhone getting used. One of the most frequent questions i get is what camera do you use or what lens was that? 

There are a lot of young photographers and filmmakers who think that if they just get that camera or piece of gear that your work will be better. I'm here to tell you it's all bullshit. Yes a higher end camera has it's advantages and the more tools you have at your disposal will hopefully create better results but it's about the eye behind the camera. Framing and composition is key but lighting is as well. Personally I love controlled environments where I can manipulate the light how I want but that was because I was lucky enough to learn that early on. Natural light actually scared me much more because I couldn't control it. I still am not completely confident with it compared to others but I know how to handle it. 

Thus the point of my post. Logic's producer 6ix got featured in XXL magazine last month. He reached out to me and asked if he could use a photo I took of him and of course I said. That photo was taken in NY using natural light, on my iPhone 6s Plus. I processed it through VSCO cam on my iPhone and it was emailed to the 6ix. Nothing in that process was something most people don't have in their pocket right now. It just takes an understanding of framing, exposure, and editing. 

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