Logic: "Young Jesus" ft. Big Lenbo

Logic: "Young Jesus" ft. Big Lenbo

After a very long production, one of my favorite projects i've ever worked on is finally out! I will be doing a full write up about the making process of this soon but for now enjoy!

Directed By

Cinematography by
Nick Mahar

Lead Producer – Scott Wickman
Associate Producer – Nick Mahar

1st Assistant Director
Patrick Lundberg

2nd Assistant Director
Skylar V Smith

Art Director
Laura Lahti

Assistant Art Director
John Thomas Schrad

Art PA
Marina Skye Williams

1st Assistant A Camera
Jonathan Park

2nd Assistant A Camera
Noah Ramos

Stedicam Operator
Colin MacDonnell

1st Assistant B Camera
Joe Seiler

BTS Photo
Kevin Mahar

BTS Video
Meghan Cullen
Aydan Dorsett Sobel

Script Supervisor
Richelle Taylor

Storyboard Artist
Marcus Ocana

Steve Griggs

Lorenzo Pace
Viktoria Raykova
Bob Mule

Key Grip
Jeff Chassler

Nick Lamina
James O’Connor

Makeup & Hair
Emily Rose Jones

Costume Supervisor
Ricky Bennick

Costume Assistant
Diane Laughton

Office PA
Alec Schiff

Set PAs
Damon Jones
Channing Salazar
Caitlin Bedwell
Anthony Boyd
Will Dale

Jisu Hahn

Post Production Supervisor
Nick Mahar

Chaz Smedley

Carver Moore

M Ali Yaremko

Universal Personnel
Grace Buehler
John Saul
Dale Sager

Bill Crawford
Alonso Flores
Linda Vega

Prop Cars
Sonny Echevarria

Big Lenbo
Jessica Andrea
Bobby Campbell
Chase Marchetti
Arjun Ivatury
Nick Mahar
Jordan Zapata
Julia N Frazelle
Erin Frances McPartlin
Kianah Stover
Shannon Dang

Extras (in no particular order)
Sara Mahar
Brittany Nicole Gonzales
Rashad Deshaun Green
Matt lake
Aaron Eckardt
Patrick Darrow
Michael Medina
Taylor Moore
Paige Biza
Carver Moore
Jessie Boykins III
Anthony Manco
Kevin Mahar
Filip Milicevic

Special Thanks
Roxbury Cafe
Filip Milicevic
Chris Zarou
Harrison Remler
Visionary Music Group
Mildred Delamota
Swift Decks
Old School Camera Rentals
RED Digital Cinema

Nick Mahar is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles & San Francisco.