Well after touring for 3 straight months and jumping right on to shoot for Sonic for 2 weeks non-stop, I'm finally home! I've been working on moving my website over to Squarespace 6 from V5. It has some amazingly simple features but also lacks some of the best ones from the previous versions. Luckily I had my friend Paul help me out and configure everything and after spending all day today updating pages and photos, I'm happy to say the site is done!

I have a ton of new work in the photos section from touring, I added the Macklemore tour doc videos, updated the about me page, and fixed all my credits. Sadly the video page doesn't have anything crazy new because the types of videos i've been shooting, tour videos, aren't necessarily the types of videos i want displayed on the site. The Macklemore was a little different because of how BIG of a production it was. 

Now that I'm back i'm packing to move to LA, prep for a big shoot in Napa, editing the Macklemore Concert from Dublin Ireland, and prepping for Logics Album release which comes out later this year! So thankfully I will have a lot awesome video content to post. The project I'm most excited about posting is the Logic music videos! The album is incredible and the video concepts are epic. Doing a lot for what we have for the budget.

I will be posting a lot more soon but for now, here are some 35mm and polaroids from tour!