Napa Valley print Campaign

Earlier this year I had the great opportunity and pleasure to shoot new ad campaigns for the Napa Valley Tourism Board. We shot some of the most exclusive wineries and hotels in all of Napa. Not only was I responsible for the Cinematography of the 5 commercial spots in 4 days, I also had to shoot all of the print ad work. We lucked out because the major earthquake that damaged a lot struck the week after we wrapped. I turned in all my images and select the week we got back and had no clue when they would all come out, let alone where. I went to the color sessions for the commercials and I was proud to say that we lit and shot everything so well, no one had many changes to the final grading. Almost everything had minor to no adjustments which i'm extremely proud of and wouldn't have been able to do without my team. 


Sadly the commercials aren't out yet but my mom was flipping through her American Express Magazine and there happens to be the picture of a bike in front of a castle. It was one of my favorite shots and the only one I had shown anyone. It ran in that magazine and a few others for about 2 months and now the image of the dinner table is currently circulating. It's a great feeling to see my work printed out, especially in the digital age when everything in on a screen! Thankfully everything was so well received, we are shooting more commercials and print work! 2014 has been a tremendous year and I can't wait for what's in store for 2015!