Logic - Under Pressure

Logic's debut album, Under Pressure, is officially on sale! We all went at midnight in NY to a Best Buy that was open and bought out the whole store. Weirdly they have 0 copies of the standard  which was super annoying but, thankfully we got the deluxe. 

Logic was kind enough to ask Jonathan Benavente and myself to do the album booklet. I ended up sitting down and doing it in around 6-8 hours which blew my mind. I was nervous to send it to him but after John and I made some changes and shot the final page, it all came together nicely. The booklet consist of polaroid, 35mm film, current DSLR, and old photo scans Logic had of him that I did on my HP Printer.

Album Release Night in NY

6 with all his copies of the album

Bobby, Myself, Logic, album release night

The booklet itself is a story. Obviously the front and back cover by Sam Spratt is amazing, but the inside tells it's own story. The booklet is divided into 2 sections, before and after the page with Logic and 6 in front of a brick wall. The first half is Logic growing. The first page we see him with his mom, in his room, and one other. The second page is another two from his room and lastly a picture that looks like his first day of school. I would have loved to include more photos of his childhood like I did his later years but sadly this is all he had left. The second half, which was after the photo of Logic and 6, was about the current state, all of the Verge campus tour and While You Wait tour, mixing and mastering of the album, and just the months leading up to the release. 

I really wanted to include things in the booklet that really fit him. Originally we were going to have a cigarette on one of the pages but I didn't have any. Luckily it was on the CD itself so it got the same point across I wanted. All the photos from tour and hanging our are photos John and myself took. My favorite page is the last photo with all of the polaroids spread out on the table. We also decided to include the N64, Xbox, Playstation, and Super NES controller to represent Logic's love for video games. 

Every word and date on the polaroids are from tour. After verge we decided to make an entire wall of our bus dedicated to tour polaroids. There were a lot of amazing ones we took with fans that became my favorite but because of legal reasons, we were never able to use them in this booklet. It was a great experience and I'm thankful for the opportunity to create this, I never once thought I would make an album booklet. Also last fun fact, last page above the Super Nintendo controller and Rhetorik, is a photo of myself. On that photo is my area code where I was born and raised, "925". 

Nick Mahar is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles & San Francisco.