Macklemore X Ryan Lewis: White Walls

Right now I'm sitting on a boat that is taking me from Scotland to Ireland. It's 6am and I've been up since 10am yesterday. We had a concert in Glasglow, Scotland and today we finally get to Dublin, Ireland. I could not ben more excited. Ben(Macklemore) and Ryan Lewis both said Dublin was there favoirte shows they have ever done. The crowd is incredibly engaged and I can't wait. 3 sold out shows will be awesome!

Now to the original point of this post, White Walls. Last month I was blessed with the opportunity to work on one of my favorites artist's music videos, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The shoot was like no other! 16 days of shooting all across the US. Started in the ATL, then LA, Washington, and finally, Detroit. I have plenty of stories and BTS photos to share but I don't have access to them right now. When I finally get back home I will be posting more about the making of this video, including a behind the scenes video. 

The video above is the result of a very hard working and creative team. It was an experience of a lifetime and has given me the opportunity to go on tour with them to Canada, which I had never been to. Now, we are currently touring in Europe for almost 2 months and then the USA. It has been a wild ride so far and I look forward to all adventures! But finally about the video, I was also lucky enough to be the Camera Operator/1st AC/DIT/ and most importantly, 2nd Unit DP.

More to come!