Nick Mahar X Erk Tha Jerk X DB


Last 2 weeks have been dope creatively! I've gotten to shoot on a bunch of different projects and with some new gear. Last weekend was the first time just being an operator on a project. I'm usually the Director of Photography or AC on projects. This time I was able to simply focus on operating which was very nice. Not only that but I finally worked with Erk Tha Jerk. The dude is a legend in Bay Area music! We shot his video about 2 weeks ago and today we just finished the edit and color grade. We are just waiting for approval through Vevo and it will be released. It was nice to work on a music video project that had a story. Sadly most videos just become multiple performance shots and the editor just has to make it interesting. 

Since we were coloring and finalizing the video today, I thought I would also take the chance to do a quick test shoot with Erk. I got some new strobes and soft boxes last week but I haven't been able to shoot with them. Matter of fact, I haven't done a photo shoot in close to a month. We went down to my old elementary school and just shot a few quick shots during sunset. The sunset couldn't have been better with its rich reds and oranges. We only shot for about 10 minutes but we got some really cool shots! More is definitely on the way and I'm shooting another video for Erk tomorrow with another Sage The Gemini video this weekend!