Alice in Wonderland

For those who don't know, i'm a HUGE Disney fan. It was the essence of my childhood along with Star Wars. I would always wake up at 2am as a kid and sneak down stairs to watch the black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons. Sometimes I wouldn't get caught but i was usually caught and forced against my will back to bed. 

When I saw the Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream photographs I instantly knew more of the work I wanted to work on so I decided why not try and create a talented team of friends to help work on our skills and make something amazing. My idea was to do something similar to the Disney Dream photographs except do multiple shots from each movie or character we focused on.

I decided we should try something semi hard by doing Alice in Wonderland. It's not as hard as the Little Mermaid but there are still some complicated shots involved. We settled on 3 main shots and shot some extras for compositing fun.  In this post i have included 2 of the shots as well as the group shots with storyboards   


The final shots are being worked on and I had an amazing team on this. Couldn't have done it with out them. I also included some of the story board shots done by my good friend Marcus Ocana. And a special thanks to Amazing Fairytale Parties for donating the dress for Alice. 


Feel free to send me any questions or comments, i'd be happy to answer them!