Macklemore & Ryan Lewis World Tour EP 4

The second to last episode is finally here and it does not disappoint. Most of the videos have showcased a long part of the tour but this only shows Boston, Syracuse, Buffalo, and New York City. Even though it was a short amount of time, the most exciting events occurred. Not only was the sold out Boston show one of the best shows on tour, we also brought out the amazing Ed Sheeran to perform "Same Love" with Mary Lambert. It's kind of sad watching this knowing that it's all over and I'm not sitting in the back of our bus with 30 people trying to watch it, but it's a great feeling knowing I was apart of it all. I have no clue how Jason & Johnny are going to pull off this next video. Obviously Seattle was an amazing last show, but so was SF, LA, Grammy Noms, and even SD. What ever they decide to show, I know it's going to be fantastic.