My Recent Adventures: Vegas -> Tahoe -> Mexico -> Florida


Right now i'm in Mexico shooting for the BPM Music Festival. We were specifically in the beautiful city of Playa Del Carmen but have now moved down to Tulum. The music isn't my tastes but the venues are gorgeous since a lot are right next to the beach and there are literally thousands of people here! The weather is nice and hot with a decent humidity. The best part is our vila in Playa Del Carmen was literally right next to the beach and our place in Tulum is on the beach. The palm trees surrounding our trees look gorgeous during sunrise and sunset.  

This past month has been extremely busy but I wouldn't change anything about it. Literally the day I got out of school I was called to travel and shoot 2 awesome events. First in the end of December i went to Vegas for a week and shot for EDC(Electric Daisy Carnival) which is one of the biggest raves in the world. We didn't shoot the festival but we spent a week shooting themed events at all the majors clubs in Vegas. We had awesome rooms at both the Cosmo and Vdara which overlooked the Bellagio hotel water show. 

I flew home on New Years and spent it with good friends. 2 days later was my 22nd birthday and i used it to finally see all my friends from high school who were home for break. The day after i went up to Tahoe for a few days for a guys trip. Sadly I was feeling a bit under the weather so i didn't snow board but i did end of getting some amazing photos that i have yet to have time to edit. 

Came home to spend my last day with my sister for our "second Christmas" then flew to Mexico the next day. Since then I've been working around the clock, literally. I currently don't have a sleep schedule because sometimes i would sleep during the day and sometimes at night. A lot were power naps which really messed up my sleep schedule. The festival is now over but we are in Tulum filming more for the videos. We are going to the Mayan ruins and some caves this week. 

Friday I will finally be home in my comfy bed but only for Saturday because Sunday i leave for Florida until the 24th. My awesome sister got hired by Disney so she, my dad, and I are taking advantage of the free tickets and finally going to Disney World! I can't express how stoked i am to finally go!! We were supposed to go 2 years ago and that never happen because it was too expensive but now we get to all the parks for free!!!! I'm hoping to capture some more amazing photos during this trip. 

As soon as i get back i already have 3 music videos and many photo shoots scheduled so it's back to work. The holidays are over and it's time to be a workaholic again. I've also attached some iPhone shots from my travels so far. 


Until Next Time.


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