Nick Mahar X Christina


About a week ago I was finally able to work with my friend Christina again. Our last shoot we didn't have much to work with except maybe one clothing setup and some soccer socks. Luckily that shoot we came up with some very cool Tron inspired photos. This time we were fortunate enough to be granted some beautiful dresses by Nevaeh Boutique near Sacramento. We had a lot of fun picking out which ones to use but eventually the heat got to us. Later in the day we decided to move towards more studio types of shots. We came out with some of my favorite photos to date. I posted the first one in my preview post below but my second favorite is the top photo. Everyone thinks she is nude which, it appears so, but that's only because the magic of Photoshop. I won't go into specifics but it's not that hard to remove things you don't want. We had a great time on the shoot and I hope to have as much success on the next shoot!