Trailers Done Right

One thing I believe truly makes a film successful is the trailer. Without a great trailer to get people hyped, it just flops *Cough*Cough* John Carter *Cough*Cough*. I never ended up seeing the film because the trailer sucked so bad it took any want to see it out of me. The original teaser trailer actually got me a little pumped but because of one thing, the music. The second trailer just dropped the ball and from then on, who ever was making the calls, didn't make good ones. You can still have films that are incredible but to get the best box office opening and support as a new film, the trailer is everything. Obviously films like Batman and The Avengers is going to get huge followings. 

Back to my original point though, if films like Inception didn't have such great trailers, most people would just write them off. But here we have a film that I've never even heard of and the trailer looks so good I can't wait to see it. Cloud Atlas not only has an incredible cast and crew, the trailer was almost 6 minutes and I couldn't stop watching it! I didn't for any second get bored and it made me so excited because I was finally watching a trailer that did its job, it made me want to see the movie RIGHT NOW. That's just my 2 cents though but I highly recommend you watch this gorgeous looking trailer!