Blessed with a Feature


Cinematographers Nick Mahar & James Nagel plan their next shot. (Photo by Bryan Fong)

I'm proud to say I have completed my first feature film. It's not the only one I've ever worked on but it's the first time I have had a major role. Originally I was gaffer then moved to 1st AC and then I was 1st AC with 2nd unit Cinematographer credit. Eventually I got the position the Director always wanted me at which was Cinematographer. The project ended up with having 2 Cinematographers but there were also 2 Directors so in a weird way it fit. The other Cinematographer James Nagel and I had never met or even heard of each other but we worked together as if we had known each other for years. Multiple occasions one of us would tell the other person what we were thinking for the lighting and the other would respond with, "I was just thinking the same thing". It was a fantastic collaboration that helped create some beautiful Cinematography. The photo above is us on one of the last nights at about 2am trying to figure out the best way to light the alley since out ladder wasn't able to rig lights outside where we wanted. 

The film was stressful but definitely a memorable adventure. The actors were fantastic and I think what helped some of us push through the long days were for the actors. My goal was to always make sure I gave them enough time to feel comfortable with their character and everything they needed. Thankfully to our amazing crew, I think almost every day we were waiting on actors to get ready and not lighting, camera, or audio. There were a lot of amazing memories on this film but sadly I can't talk about a lot of them because of certain reasons. I do however get to show an awesome Time lapse of one of our nights which I have posted below. The time lapse shows our setup inside the building to the right of the photo. It was a long process because the camera needed to be able to look 360 degrees and be able to look directing where light were. On top of all that it was one long shot with no room to cut. We pulled it off in I believe 6 takes were was fantastic but more on that when the film releases. The next big project starts in 3 weeks which is called "Bar America". It will be directed by the talented Matthew Jacobs who has directed a few films and written films like Lassie and the Emperor's New Groove. I just saw the cast list and I'm more than excited to see what comes of the project. I will be gaffing on this film so the adventure begins.