I'm Thankful For Every Day.


(Photo by David Camera)

This week has literally been awesome. There were of course some low points in it but you have to have those to appreciate the highs. Last Thursday I got learn the Sony F3 which is a very powerful camera! Friday through Sunday was definitely a highlight because it was my underwater workshop.

Friday I went in and helped build all the rigs for the weekend which included a Arri SR3 underwater housing, Canon 5D Mark ii, and two DVX housings. Actually the DVX housings were really just a splash bag and a fish tank that only floated on the top. They still worked great surprisingly! I learned a lot about how to build everything and lighting was interesting underwater. The SR3 was awesome but I didn't shoot with it much because I knew I would probably never see any of that film every again and I figured I would be shooting with a cheaper camera if I did underwater stuff anyways.

The 5D looks fantastic underwater but sadly Hydroflex didn't ship the right rings to go on the lenses for focusing. That caused major problems because you couldn't focus during a shot. Another problem was the rig was so light and filled with air, you had to blow out all your air to get to the bottom of the pool which didn't leave you with a lot of time to stay at the bottom. Luckily I was able to get most of the shots I wanted and in focus. 

Later in the week I submitted my photo of the Golden Gate Birdge I did right before the timelapse a few weeks ago. It was on a very popular tumblr blog called "Fuck Yeah Street Lights" and it got over 200 reblogs/likes! And then today I found out I was featured on another blog called "Photographers Directory". I was very happy to be accepted to this because I wasn't last time I entered. 

I'm finishing up this week of school and next week is "Spring Break". I put that in quotes because most wouldn't call it a break. As soon as I finish my last class I head home and get ready to shoot a music video that night! I'm working on 3 music videos, 2 short films, and my own school projects all within the next week. Oh and I have a few photo shoots. But as I tell my friends and family, this is my idea of a break because there is no school! Next week the "Get Naked" music video from Foolish Ways ft. Starting 6 drops and I will hopefully be posting a video from my underwater class. 

Until next time.