This year has been a complete adventure. I knew it was going to be a great year but I didn't realize how awesome it would be. I worked on 3 feature films. I was DP for a feature film and I'm only 21. Besides that I'm now a proud owner of a RED Scarlet which is something I would have never dreamed of. I've also taken over 30,000 photographs and had photo shoots with over 100 models and bands. I've traveled to Florida, Vegas, LA, The Caribbean and am starting off 2013 by going to Mexico for a 2 week shoot which includes the Mayan ruins.

I've definitely improved over the last year as a Cinematographer and Photographer. January and February are already set to be very promising with some fantastic shoots in the works both videos and photos. I'm extreme my excited to shoot with a lot of these models and my work is only going to get better.

Accomplishments of 2012:

  1. 3 feature films
  2. Bought a RED Scarlet
  3. Worked with TOO SHORT, AVICII, KASKADE,  IAMSU, Starting 6, Roach Gigz, HBK, SAGE, and many more
  4. Shot in Vegas, Florida, Facebook HQ, Dropbox, and many more places.
  5. Worked for companies like EDC, Tao Group, Facebook, Dropbox, SOL REPUBLIC, Rockbridge, and much much more.
  6. Cinematographer for a feature film, SF Commercial, Housing commercials, Headphone commercials many more. 
  7. Worked wish Ashley Vee
  8. Worked with a band from Australia
  9. Decided to work full time!
  10. Realizing i'm really bad at remember everything in a year and failing at making my list so I will end it here.

Below I have included some of my favorite videos of the year I've worked on and also are all my favorite shots I've done. Hopefully I will continue to improve and work with the very talented crews that have supported me. A lot is being scheduled and I can't wait to make it all amazing.