Nick Mahar X Ashley Vee


This, as many around the world know, is Miss Ashley Vee. I worked with her of the Ryan Jordan "Say Yeah" music video. Since then we have kept in contact and we decided to collab. It was definitely one of my favorite shoots and i think we came out with some amazing photos. Funny story about the photos though. While i was on another shoot today i heard an awesome story. I had a photo shoot with my friend Annette for her birthday. She is gorgeous and does beauty pageants. Our mutual friend came over to join in the fun and she was at school. She told me that in her photo class some guys were looking at photos of Miss Ashley Vee on some blog. They were drooling over them. My friend Leyla looked at them and said oh my friend Nick took those and she was coming to my studio right then. They looked at her and didn't believe her. They said the photos were from some big photographer but they were from me!  Obviously they cared more about her than my photos specifically but it was still an awesome feeling.