New Future, New Design


(Website layout before and after)

I know most people don't look at people's portfolio sites anymore because it's all about how many views you have on YouTube but, it's really important to me. My website is another visual representation of who I am and my style. If you've seen my site before you'll notice it's a little different.

I loved my old design but I always wanted it to look cleaner and more professional but didn't know how. Oh, did I mention have no idea how to code in CSS, Java, HTML or any other coding system. Thankfully because of MySpace, yes I said MySpace, I knew how to take code already available on the Internet and tweak it how I wanted it to work. Luckily too, I use Squarespace which is awesome and makes web design so much easier. Unfortunately I ran into some major bugs within their programs that will hopefully be fixed.

Anyways, welcome to my new site. The site in general is a lot bigger and more of my work is promoted. I now have a different header image for each page so that different photos I've taken can help illustrate what I think represents the page. For example I use a picture of my cousin looking at a light bulb for the video pages. I thought this fit well because it wasn't too distracting and second because I knew the idea of a spark of curiosity fit with how people discovered my website and other videos, curiosity.

The layout for the website is generally the same. I'm still working on back end code so everything is tighter and works on every browser. Believe me, it's not as easy as it should be. Hopefully you can enjoy my website and portfolio! I really appreciate you taking the time to check me out.