The Race: Day 3


(Left to Right) Director: Macartney Stevens, DP: Nick Mahar Writer: Mitch Eason

Day 3 was surprisingly one of the most stressful days all around. The crew all agreed it was the hardest so far for the simple fact that we were outside in the heat all day. Most of us got sunburns too. Yes, we know what sunscreen is but we all just got a little cocky and thought we could survive without it. The hardest part for Day 3 was it required a lot of extras, it was a sunday during church, and it was the same time as the gay pride parade so many of the people who said they would come, didn't. Thankfully we have great friends and family because we got about 50 people! That exceeded my expectations even if all those events weren't happening that day. 

We only had a majority of the extras for 2 hours and we started late because we were waiting for more to arrive before we started. We quickly got everyone on the same page and everyone knew what to do within about 10 minutes which really helped. Some people weren't feeling too good but we got them out of there as fast as possible or helped them out as best we good. I really do want to thank every single person, cast and crew that came out that day. All of the hardest shoots are behind us and now comes the smaller crewed and gorilla style shoots. The footage is looking beautiful and I can't wait to start cutting within the next month.

On that note, Friday I am releasing the music video I did for Foolish Ways called "Bow Chicka Wow Wow (You're Dirty)". It was a crazy shoot and the video is actually turning out the be one of my favorite music videos yet. There is no real story line but the song is fun and upbeat and the video fits the song perfectful. Stay tuned because there is much more on the way as usual. 

God is Good.