For the last 4 months I've been working hard with my good friend Aaron Eckart to get everything ready with his new band. A lot had happen during the course of all this, including one friend and band member almost dying from meningitis. We planned the first music video out but things didn't happen like planned, but they probably turned out for the best. A few months ago when it was raining like crazy here in California, it was also snowing perfectly in the mountains. We had discussed what we wanted for the second music video which involved a piano in the snow. We didn't know exactly where or how we would get a piano to the snow. One weekend one of my shoots got canceled due to rain so I called Aaron up and said this would be the weekend to do it.

We searched all over craigslist for the perfect piano. Being struggling artists, we didn't have much money and especially not enough to purchase a piano. Luckily we found a few and one responded. We picked up the piano the next day. The idea was to take the piano apart and make it as light as possible. We didn't want to destroy the piano in any way but we also didn't know how hard it is to take one apart. We ended up shooting in Twain Harte at a cabin. The driveway was filled with at least 5 ft of snow which thankfully was plowed by my step-dad as you can see in the video. Shooting took less than a day and it was a lot of fun. Here is our video from the 3 days of pre-production and production:

The video has been finished for some time now. We wanted to wait and release when the album came out. It was released today at midnight along with the album. Not only did all this happen today, the official band photos were just uploaded which I shot last night. We shot at 8 and by 12am I had the finished band photo seen above. I had a lot of fun and I'm still working on the individuals which are equally awesome. Check out the video below and download the album for less then $7 on iTunes by click HERE or the button below the video.