Last year I had no idea what Krumping was but i have slowly learned thanks to Antoine "Frost" from Supreme Soul. When he and I met, we decided there were a bunch of shoots we wanted to do. One was in an abandoned military base near Vallejo. We decided to go check it out and after an hour of walking around, I happened to turn my camera in the direction of this giant door. The light happened to shine perfectly through the crack and the dust helped show the light rays as they crept into the warehouse. If you're not getting what I'm saying, everything in this video is completely natural light. No special editing and only a little color correction. As much as i would like to say I planned this beautiful lighting, I can't. But i did discover it and was super happy with how it looked. I hope you like the video. I will have a new music videos out by the end of this week. "My Goodbye" is one of my favorite videos and I'm excited to show the world.