Usually i don't care much about the Oscars or other award shows but lately I've becoming more attached to them. I have seen most of the films nominated and i guessed 16/20 of the categories. I think i was majorly disappointed in a few categories. Click to read my full rant. 

First, i thought Best Animated Short should have went to Day & Night. The film blew my mind when i saw it at the beginning of Toy Story 3. I didn't even know how to explain it to people after i saw it because it was so creative. Though i didn't see any of the other films, i was sure no other film was as creative. 

Secondly i couldn't believe Hailee Steinfeld didn't win for Best Supporting Actress. Technically she should have been Best Actress but i'm not mad about that. At age 14 she killed it in True Grit. Everyone in the category did an amazing job but i felt like she stole True Grit. Many argue the academy will often pick older winners who have been nominated many times but never won before. I understand this but at the same time, it should go to the BEST person in that category. 

Best Original Score was a little foggy for me. I loved Inception and it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Christopher Nolan did and incredible job with the story and the entire film was a masterpiece for me. But since we are on the topic of score, I felt Hans Zimmer was at his best on this film. Even he said he didn't think he could do better then this film. Have you ever listened to the song Time? Beautifully written and emotional song. I did like the Social Network's music but i would hardly say Best Original Score. It was very Lost esque with its simple construction. 

Best Actor was a hard one for me. I really thought James Franco deserved the award. He carried the entire film on his back and did it beautifully. Though the film was a little slow, his emotions conveyed on the screen were powerful and very real. I saw King's Speech and was disappointed. Don't get me wrong, Colin Firth did a tremendous job but from besides just acting like he couldn't speak, i felt like it wasn't as hard as the job James Franco had to do.  

Finally i have to end with the Best Picture of the year. This was really hard for me to decide. They were all really dope films. I was really stuck between The Social Network, King's Speech, Inception and Black Swan. If i had to pick i would probably pick Black Swan. I felt like it really didn't get the recognition it deserved tonight. King's Speech was good but not the best. It's really all political though. People who vote don't even have to see all the films! What kind of madness is that! Sadly it was King's Speech like i predicted but it was still a good night.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco were very good host. I was entertained and i thought they worked very well together. Can't wait to see all the new films for 2011. And i just realized, i wonder why Tron wasn't nominated for Best Art Direction. That film had incredible art direction. Maybe they really need to explain what each category is, in detail. I think that would help a lot of people to understand it better.