2011 Begins As My Teenage Years End


Today is my birthday! I have mixed feelings about turning 20. It's really a love hate relationship. I'm excited because I'm almost 21 and more opportunities will be opening up in my life but at the same time i don't want to grow up. I love being a kid. Maybe Peter Pan had some type of impression in my life? But looking back on 2010, I accomplished a lot of things I never thought would happen. I met and worked with The Pack, I became friends with people like Frost, Tight Eyez, Retro, and many other cool people. I finally did another music video that received hundreds of compliments and I really started to broaden my creativity. And I finally decided to watch Lost which was one of the best decisions ever. It really changed the way i looked at filmmaking in many ways. 

What does 2011 bring? I'm working on finally transfering and getting down to L.A. so I can meet a lot of new people. I quit one of my jobs so I will be focusing more on music videos, films, and photography. I'm getting together with my friend Cade to start work on music videos for bands. The year has just started and I have crazy things planned to really make this my break out year and show everyone that I can do a lot more then what i've been showing. I'm even writing this at 3am because i've been editing for 23 hours in the past 2 days to finish 80 special effects shots. I really respect animators and rotoscope artist even more then I did. I have 18 more to do on my birthday sadly but i'll still have time to celebrate. Sorry for the ramble, i'm a little scatter brain. 

But here is to a new year. Meeting new people, creating more art, and living life!

God Is Good.