Photography Adventures

Jake Kreitzer

Nick Mahar.

Nick 3

I decided to start experimenting more with photography with my friend Jake after i saw some cool behind the scenes photos of a video shoot. I've also been into the whole light wave graffiti hype so i thought i would add to my collection. I used some sparklers in my backyard and they turned out pretty well. Always good to keep some extra fireworks from 4th of July. Saturday I will be doing two more shoots with the lovely Leyla and Ashley. Should be a fun, free, and random shoot. I'm also getting started on my Chapman application video finally. After being denied last year, i knew i didn't put my best foot forward and i really need to step up my game. The short that i came up with will be informative, funny, witty, and lit very well. I'm excited to see how it turns out! I will have a post on it soon. 

God is good.