Iron Maker: 2010


Well this year the CIFF(California Independent Film Festival) decided to move out to Orinda which was a little farther then i wanted to drive. Luckily one of my good friends decided they would still do it and just have one person drive out there since he lived near there.

For those of you who don't know what the Iron Maker is, it's a 24 hour film competition. You have 24 hours to write, shoot, edit, and deliver. It has to include the "ingredients" that you receive that morning. I first did this 2 years ago and we got 1st place! We tried again last year and didn't get top 3 but we were still proud of what we created. 

This year was a whole new beast. The team was very talented and creative. The hardest thing to decide at our first meeting was which HD camera we would shoot with. The theme this year was Super Heroes. Our film turned our quite well. I acted and did all the special effects. I was almost dead by the morning time from doing them all. We didn't have time to make it perfect and it had to be no more than 3 min, so we are re-editing now to have a full version of our vision up sometime soon. As a sneak peek i decided to post up screen shots from the crazy day.