Dodge College Video Application


Well after editing my video for Chapman all day, literally all day, I'm finally done. The task was simple yet difficult at the same time. I needed to make a video 2 minutes max, that explains my personality, interest, and more. After debating over many concepts and ideas, i settled on one titled Nick's Digital World. The film is about how my two friend sneak onto my computer to look at some embarrassing photos of myself. The somehow get sucked into my computer and find themselves right on my desktop. After quickly exploring, they open up iTunes and see that I have thousands of songs and they proceed to make fun of my dancing. They soon open iPhoto that is filled with Disneyland, sports, activities, and other albums. I thought this would all be perfect because my computer is a huge part of my life and these show the biggest parts in my life. Soon the computer starts to die and my friends are teleported back out of the computer.

They notice food that I like to each a lot all around my computer with a note. The note says," I will see you soon, I'll be at Chapman and Disneyland". The ending shot is the computer showing an embarrassing photo of the two friends because they beginning was to see embarrassing photos of myself. It was difficult to keep it at 2 minutes but i somehow did it. Sadly it feels a little rushed and i feel like it doesn't show off my talents as a creative artist.

I think I will be shooting a second video Monday and seeing if I like this one better. The concept for this is much like a District 9 type of film. The film will be as if i'm a huge thing who is heading towards SOCAL or as if I infected by radiation and became big. Hopefully this one won't take me 15+ hours to edit.