New New New!


2010 has been a great year but there are still a few more months left. Thankfully i have plenty of awesome things scheduled to help bring more content to my portfolio and to my supporters. I recently got a new camera so my photos and video will be much higher quality. The photos are already looking better compared to my old ones and i'm loving it. I have also added different sections to the videos page to help better organize the videos. One new section is the TV Shows section which includes the series i have been working on with 621 Skate Shop in Livermore California. Sadly the video quality isn't the best but i'm working on getting a HD version through Vimeo. 

Plenty more shoots are on the way. I have 3 planned photo shoots, a music video shoot and two trailers coming their way very soon. I'm also working hard on my dance documentary with more small shorts coming soon. Thank you for all the support keep up with the feedback of the videos, pictures and site. 

God is Good.