2010 It's Going To Be Big

Well I know it's kind of late but damn, it's finally a new year. Don't get me wrong 09 was my favorite year by far, but 10 doesn't know what's coming. I will probably shoot more videos this year then any year in my life. My film Guardian Angel will finally be released, music videos for many awesome bay area artist, and of course just another great year to be alive. I will also be acting in a short film called Octagon of the Gods by Morgan King as well as camera operator/DP/special effects for the film.

Hopefully later on this year I will be moving to LA area to attend film school and if so, it's going to be an even more cinematic year for me. The site is finally finished today which means I can return focus onto other projects(like my college app video). On top of all this I plan on shooting a music video for a Reggae artist with my friend Alex which should be very interesting.


Quote that made my day. "Glitter is like the herpes of arts and crafts!"

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