2009, filmNick Mahar

Guardian Angel: Day 1

2009, filmNick Mahar

Well today was crazy to say at least. got up at 7 to get stuff ready. Had my DP (Perry) come drop off some more equipment early and Chet lol.

Mitch and Perry who had all the rest of the stuff were late getting back, and perry was my DP so i couldn't do anything.

Started shooting an Hour and a half after we wanted to get the first shot off which made things hectic. Things started to get better after our amateur crew started to learn what to do as well as what terms meant.

Mitch, Tito, and I had to skip out on lunch to set up for the bedroom scene because Sam(Anthony V.) had to get going back home to S.F. by 4pm.
Somehow we got all those shots and lighting in only an hour!! Which trust me, is amazing because of how long shots take to set up and shoot.

Even had some time to get some of tomorrows shots out of the way and made my room look like a bathroom! lol.

Tomorrow should be fun with some pyrotechnics and HUGE crane/dolly shots!

Thursday is the big day and we are still welcoming extras to be apart of it so just message me on here and ill put you on the list.

Update tomorrow too!!