Paranormal Activity-It doesn't dissapoint

Striking at all of the right chords, the film's main focus - which seems to be the only original one - relies heavily on sound and atmosphere throughout the film. A refreshing aspect of Paranormal Activity lies in its minimal amount of special effects. With an exemplary use of sound, the film works on the nerves of the viewer by repeatedly assaulting them with a brilliant balance of silence, soundscape and subtle visual effects.


Furthermore, throughout Paranormal Activity what stands out is the lack of CGI-dependent special effects. The greater portion of special effects are conventional types of the film school variety. The better portion of special effects are of a psychological nature.

As most of the demonic domestic violence in the film is located in the bedroom of the sleeping couple, this makes the film stand out as a supernatural thriller because of the element of psychological framework. In one interview, director Oren Peli says, "I think a lot of people can relate to the question of what happens at night when you're most vulnerable." Peli's statement becomes evident after each night of relentless demonic terrorism that's inflicted upon the suburban homeowners in Paranormal Activity.

The movie also is big because it's original way of being distributed through the U.S. by use of to try and get the film to play in your area.

The movie isn't very different from other films in how scary it is, but their is something that makes it truly terrifying. The reason you will have nightmares is because you believe that something like this could happen. The movie being shot with a single camera brings belief and makes you afraid that this seems so real.

I myself as well as other felt like we were "seeing things" as we were in our cars or entering our homes. It's of course all psychological but still you mind can play crazy tricks. And don't think i'm just another scared person who hates scary movies. I hate scary movies because they aren't REALLY scary, but this one will amaze.

I HIGHLY recommend to anyone but beware, you almost WILL have nightmares.