Google Voice Finally Released to Public

Well i finally got the e-mail informing me that i could now sign up for Google Voice. Now many people who don't know what this is, will be excited to hear it's free, has more features than you could ever think of for a phone, and is just simply awesome.

Google Voice is basically a free number you get from google that allows you to have one central number you can give to people. It's amazing because it sends the call to all your different types of phones via; Cell, Home, Work, etc. that you specify. Not only does it help forwarding to where you want it, you can also view all the voice mail you receive from your computer anywhere in the world. Google Voice also provides features such as completely free SMS(text messaging) to all phones right from your computer, call screening, listening in on voice mails as they are being made, and the two biggest features are call recording and personalized voice mail messages.

While you are in a phone call you can simple press 4 and you call is now being recorded and saved to your google voice account so you can listen to an important conversation you had earlier. Personalized voice mail also is huge because you can theoretically have a different voice mail message for everyone of your contacts(if you really want to take the time). This is big so that you can have ones for specific groups such as friends and family vs. clients or job related types.

One last feature is the ability to have you voice mail audio e-mailed or texted to you in text format of what he/she said soon after the caller recorded it.

For a complete list of those features and more check out