Stepping Into the Future

Starting off the new year by coming of age and finally becoming an "Adult". Finally 18 even though I don't feel any more special than before. I haven't suddenly become more mature because ive always been mature but at the same time i act like a kid because it's fun. Even though i will get older every day though, I promise myself that i will NEVER lose that spark of being a child. I value that as one of my biggest things in life.

The second thing to start off the new year is the history that was made January 20, 2009. The 44th President of the U.S. was inaugurated which of course was Barack Obama. It was a historical moment and of course i saw everything live EXCEPT the swearing in because of my stupid teacher. I mean my god, history is being made and you want to do stupid review that we don't need!? What ever, i eventually saw it when i got home and

Barack Obama Barack Obamawas glad that i DVRed it. The speach was very good i felt but not as inspiring as some of his speechs. I was proud though to be an Ameirica because I have hope that he can change our country around and it was amazing to know i was part of history being made. I had never seen such a site around the U.S. and the world that ONE person being elected to any position had or could have done. Obama really to me is inspirational! As I prepare for the future and worry about what is to come, i pray that he is able to lead our county to a better future so that we as a nation can become stable again and live without fear or terror. The night tis young but sadly i have school tomorrow so i need some sleep for it.

In the Final world.

-Nick Mahar a.k.a. KillaT