Barack Obama Speech

Well the democratic national convention started off with a bang this week with Obama announcing his VP, which was eh no one i knew or cared about. But the highlight so far was his speech tonight on day 4 of the convention.
His speech was, i don't know just simply amazing. It was very inspiring, thoughtful and i liked alot of the things he said and the way he said them. Already i wanted to vote for Obama but after tonight i def. did but, unfortunatly i will not be 18 then which sucks because i am like a month or 2 later which HELLA SUXX.

I watched CNN after to get more informed about what pros thought about his speech but then i learned that it was all Republicans (Republicans are WACK YO). They were pretty hard but just kept saying the same thing over and over and one politician spoke on how we need off shore drilling and blames Obama and house leader Nancy Palocy for it not being passed. The funny thing is when asked by Larry King if it will help our gas prices anytime soon, he responded with a typical tippy toe around the question answer by say that of course it will not be immediate and it will take some time. Even though there have been HUNDREDS of tests saying that it would take like 10 years to kick in and only take away like small cents off the current gas prices.

I believe that we NEED to use renewable energy such as water, wind, and for sure solar. Also many of our cars need to be changed and cars need to stop using gas and start to use electricity. The only problem with that is that over time it will end job markets like for changing oil and alot of mechanical fixes that our world uses today.

Words of Nick Mahar