The End of Summer

So the start of a fresh new school year and my last year of high school. It's gonna be really weird though and i kinda don't wanna graduate because i have no problem with being where i am at in high school. Also i for sure didn't wanna start school because i barely got to enjoy my summer because i worked and had football soo much but anyways.

Orientation was, you know same as usual and stuff except for the picture taking part. I tried to do the "Nick pic" as my uncle calls it which means i do my thumbs up. I snuck it in perfectly when they took it but of course they see it on the computer first and the wouldn't let me. I then tried the deer in headlight look, but no luck. Finally i went with the AZN face lol. Then got all my classes with an awesome schedule with def. no complaints!

The next day was even better at frosh orientation with all the little froshy. I had fun acting stupid, cheating on the balloon game, and touring people not once, but twice around the school (i gave a private tour ;) lol jk the guys were just late). So then we played like 5 year olds in the quad for like an hour or so. Water balloon fight, balls flying, soccer, you know the usual, and then finally football to end the day.

My summer weekend ended with the football scrimage, jc at home, EPIC BATTLE, draft with brian, and finally music video thing in the $tack or HAY WARD at yes a bar.

THE END to summer...