Where the arts go?

When did it all become neccesary to know chemistry? What happen to the arts? The drama, theatre, music, and everything else. Where did it all go? Who decided one day we NEED to know algebra 2 or calculous or trigonometry? Im a realist and what is the real to learn all of it? Most people will tell you because we want you to be well rounded and most people don't know what they wanna be so we are showing them different stuff. But when did it become mandatory that you MUST know algebra 2 before you can graduate and when did it become unnecessary to know the arts. What happen to the creativity? Why are teens now pushed to the limits where they are so stressed out that they do drugs to help them, kill themselves, or even kill everyone around them. When kids are punished, yelled at, or beaten because they can't have the grades they want when they are working their ass off and most adults never had to learn what they are learning now. Why does it matter to a college you know science to study art? Why does making movies in college require that you passed algebra 2 and chemistry or even spanish 3? Its ridiculous to think that you life is determined with some points that represent a letter grade and then you are marker like a book in a shelf.